Terms of Service

If there is anything you do not understand, please feel free to contact us, or check out our FAQ for an answer. Unfortunately, abuse of our service by many has required us to provide a detailed, strict terms of service and we can not make exceptions.

Client must provide all necessary details at the time of request in order for us to do our job within 24 hours. At a minimum we will require sFTP/FTP, Hosting Control Panel and CMS Admin account information. Any missing information will delay our ability to do our job completely and in a timely manner.

To put it in simple terms –  it would be like taking your car to the mechanics because it stopped working, but not give him the keys to start the car to troubleshoot it. Make sense?

If client fails to purchase the right number of sites (EX: Client has 15 sites on hosting account but only pays for cleanout of 1 site OR Client purchases a Package and all sites are hosted with separate control panels/FTP logins) we reserve the right to either:

a) refund the fee
b) Invoice you for the difference in charges or
c) ONLY clean-out up to the number of sites you purchased, and our 24 hour Guarantee does not apply.

Typically we will make a determination based on what we see on the server. We will try our best to notify you of the situation if we can.

Site Packages

The packages are for sites that all reside under 1 single hosting account (meaning 1 control panel and 1 FTP account to access ALL sites). We give discounts for this since it will only require us to login to one server/hosting account to clean everything. If you have multiple sites hosted on 1 server under separate FTP/Control panel accounts, you must purchase a single site clean-up for EACH account. These DO NOT QUALIFY FOR THE MULTI-SITE DISCOUNTS. Refer to the above as far as our service limitations..

Joomla 1.x

If you are running Joomla versions older than 2.5.x, 3.x, we will notify you that you need to migrate to a new version. THIS IS NOT AN OPTION. Due to the severity of several vulnerabilities (old JCE, com_media) in older versions, it can no longer be fully secured. The migration process can be time consuming and therefor is not a part of the service we offer.Why won’t we update those? Because these systems typically have customization’s and sometimes issues arise when upgrading more than a few version numbers – we don’t want to break your site, and we are sure you don’t want us to either. We will however, monitor and place a web application firewall in front of the site.

Site Moves after clean-up

If client moves their site to a new host of the same level  during their 30 day warranty period (Example: client has 1 site on a hosting account and transfers to another hosting account with only that site), coverage will follow. However, if client moves a site from a single hosting account, to a hosting account with multiple sites and we find that the site gets re-infected because another site on the hosting account it was moved to was infected or breached, we will notify you to fix the issue and we reserve the right to terminate your service should you fail to comply.

What if all my sites are on different servers/accounts?

For all of our multi-site packages, all sites must reside on the same server/single hosting/FTP account. If you have multiple sites on different hosting accounts on the same server, accounts on the same hosting account but requires a different FTP login for each, or sites on multiple hosting accounts – you must purchase individual ‘mini’ packages for each one. The multi-site pacages only apply if all of your sites are centrally located, it’s much easier and quicker for us to clean them up – hence the significant discount you get for multi-sites. Unfortunately if you have multiple sites residing on several different hosting/FTP accounts, it will take more time, resources and effort to complete – so sorry, no discount.

Why can’t you just clean the site that I wanted?

We can, but don’t expect us to honor the 30 day guarantee/warranty. In 98.9% of all malware cases, ALL of the sites on a hosting account are infected or contain multiple backdoors. If the entire account is compromised, it won’t do much good to clean just the 1 site – it will get re-infected/hacked again until all the sites are cleaned.We can put temporary measures in place to help slow the attacks down but we can’t effectively protect from INTERNAL threats. DO NOT rely on automated scanners to tell you that your site is clean. They are a starting point and only detect the issues that they know about in their database. If you use an automated tool that tells you your site is not infected, that DOES NOT mean that the site is 100% clean. Automated scanners do not detect the presence of a backdoor or a compromised FTP account, which are the main sources for malware infection.

How do you determine if it is a “site”?

1) by url: http://www.yoursite.com
2) http://site1.yoursite.com
3) by file structure: http://www.yourmainsite.com/subsite, or http://www.yourmainsite/site2

Some sites do have sub directories which contain files that are a part of the main site – this is included. HOWEVER if it is a directory that contains another site (also known as a “web application” – such as a subdirectory that has another installation of wordpress, drupal, a shopping cart system, forum, etc), it counts as a site/web application. Not Sure? Contact us first. Your better off asking if you are unsure.

We also can not nor do we guarantee against internal sources of infection. By this, we mean you purchased service for 1 site, but have 5 other sites on your server that are infected. We will clean the 1 site and secure it to the best of our ability. We will let you know which additional sites are infected and provide you with pricing for removal, should you chose not to have the additional sites cleaned, it is your responsibility to deal with any future malware issues.

Other Important Information

Our 24 hour guarantee only applies to the pre-paid 1 to 2 site purchase options. These are small enough for us to handle in a 24 hour period. Any more than 2 sites requires extensive work, and are typically more complex. We guarantee the malware on all packages will be removed, however in cases where there are multiple sites, it may take a few extra hours to secure them and provide a report for you. More than 5 sites typically take 1-2 business days.

Blacklist Removal

It usually takes Google anywhere from 24-48 hours to remove any malware warnings that they may be displaying, however your site is typically clean many hours before that. We do not deal with Bing, Yahoo, AVG, McAfee, Yandex – those are your responsibility to notify.

Status Updates
You will be notified when the site is clean, usually within 24 hours of your clean-up detailing what was done one your site. Please do not contact us prior to this and ask us for a status update. You will more than likely not receive any response if it has been less than 24 hours. We monitor the sites we clean very closely for the first 24 hours looking for any additional security issues that may arise after the initial issue is resolved.

Hosting account compromise
If your entire hosting account has been compromised, we can not, nor do we guarantee against this. This is beyond our control. If you have a virus, kelogger, trojan,etc. on your local system that allows for full access to your hosting account, we can not monitor this, nor do we guarantee our services against this. Our services is ONLY on your website/web applications installed on your hosting account. We can only secure sites against external threats NOT INTERNAL.


If you do not have backup’s of your site, we will do our best to return them to a fully functional state. We can not nor will not be held responsible or liable for any missing content or customization’s. Sometimes entire critical system files have been replaced with malware and unless you have a backup, we can not restore it. Any customization’s that you may have made to your site may be lost if you do not have backups.

Site Restorations
Should you feel it necessary to restore your site from a backup prior to our cleanout, or overwrite all of our work while we are working on your site, or AFTER we have secured it and are monitoring it – you will be on your own from that point forward. Chances are very high that you reintroduced malware or a backdoor which may have been on your computer or in your backup files (yes, this has actually happened).

If we tell you to that you need to change your password, or we have had to change any of your passwords, DO NOT revert to the old password EVER. Should you do this during your sevice period you have re-opened your site to attackers and your monitoring and clean-up is null and void. We can’t secure against stupidity – sorry (yes this has happened too).

File Permissions
If we set permissions on files, we expect them to stay that way. Nobody’s server needs their directories higher than 775/755 and their other files higher than 664/644. If we set permissions on your files correctly and you modify them at anytime – you are no longer eligible for monitoring because YOU have introduced a security hole.

We will be required to have full access to your site via FTP and its Admin panel (where applicable) for the entire time we are to be monitoring it. You will be given a URL for service updates in your report. Failure to notify us of password changes can and will terminate your monitoring agreement. If you expect us to monitor your site and keep it clean, then we expect to have access at all times. If you change passwords and fail to notify us, we will not be held responsible if your site get’s reinfected during your monitoring period.

If you are running wordpress we will install several security plugins and all settings will be set by us and are expected to stay that way – it’s so we can be notified when their may be a potential issue on your site. If you choose to remove our access to your server, CMS or information from monitoring, you accept all liabilty and will be responsible for your own site monitoring and clean-up from that point forward. We reserve the right to remove any and all monitoring tools we were using from your server at that time. Any clean-up, monitoring, etc. from that point forward from us would require you to repurchase our services.

If you are running wordpress, joomla, etc., with all due respect – stay out while we are cleaning your site. Just because it may be back-up and running, it DOESN’T mean we are 100% complete with the job, and that you can start posting to your site like a jackrabbit in heat. You can’t drive off in your car with the mechanic still under the hood. If we have to – we WILL revoke your access to your site until we are done..

Hosting Requirements
We can not nor do we guarantee against hosting companies failure to secure their server, maintain latest versions or other accounts on their server. This is beyond our control – this is why we include 30 days of monitoring with our malware removal service. HOWEVER, if you are in control of your server/hosting account, and we make security recommendations that you to fail to follow through with (such as upgrading systems or software) that leave your server and or hosting account vulnerable – we can not be held liable for future infections, nor will we continue to monitor your sites for you. Unfortunately, we don’t over charge our customers so that the select few can make us keep chasing our tail on an issue that could be easily resolved by following instructions.

In cases where your hosting company is slow and outdated (EX: latest PHP version is 5.3 and they are running version 4), and won’t allow us to update to the latest versions of CMS’s or other necessary tools to secure your site, we will notify you so  you may contact them. If they so decide to update their system, you can notify us when it is complete and we will update your site. We will do our best to monitor your site until then but we can not guarantee fast turn around when the site is compromised.

Site Requirements
If your site is currently outdated by more than 2 minor releases (or you are running Joomla, Drupal, etc.) we may not be able to upgrade your core system. If this is the case and it is possible security issue, we will notify you that this needs corrected. If you fail to correct it in 30 days, we reserve the right to stop monitoring your site. Why won’t we update those? Because these systems typically have customization’s and sometimes issues arise when upgrading more than a few version numbers – we don’t want to break your site, and we are sure you don’t want us to either.  We recommend you have your developers do this (upgrade – not break it). Currently the only CMS system that is safe to upgrade multiple minor/major versions is single install wordpress (not wordpress multi-site/(WPMU) installs) greater than version 3.2. We also can not upgrade commercial systems, unless you provide licensing information (such as vBulletin, wordpress themes/plugins that are commercial, etc). If you are running an older system and we recommend that you need to upgrade to prevent future attacks, we reserve the right to no longer monitor your site and/or fix it after 30 days.

Maintenance Requirements
We will do regular site security maintenance on mini packages and above. If we do upgrade your site and plugins, themes, extensions, etc. we expect you to maintain your site. We do our part to secure your site, you need to do your part to keep it secure. Unfortunately most CMS systems are NOT install and forget about it – they have continuous development to improve them and to patch potential security threats.

Sould we receive notification from our payment processor that a) a chargeback was initiated, b) buyer or your buyer’s bank requested a payment reversal, we will remove all monitoring immediately and reserve the right to return your site to it’s previous state (prior to our cleanout). To reactivate your account, there will be a 45.00 fee imposed.

Other Exclusions/Exceptions to our services

If we find your site is not currently infected (but may have been previously) we will provide you with a full refund ONLY if you ask. Otherwise we will secure and monitor the site for 1 full year (Unless it’s a clean-out only purchase)

All of our services are non-refundable, unless otherwise noted above.

By purchasing our services – you have automatically agreed to these terms of service.